well well well…

So I actually still have a blog…

Is anyone listening?

Does anyone remember me?

Does anyone care that I’ve been gone for 3 or so years?


I’m dying to hear the answers to these questions…



Bloggeries are the fancy new way of saying blogs, blog posts or stuff of that sort.
If you use this word, it will bring joy and prosperity to your bloggery 😉
That sounds like your blog factory 😉 So make your blog factories produce the best bloggeries EVER!!! 🙂

Phoenix Foundation Fundraiser

I don’t normally, and I won’t nrmally blog about these things, but sometimes… yeah lol.

The Phoenix Foundation is a non-profit organization raising hope for people in need.

This is a local organization, who’s goal is to provide support for families who’s lives are struck by tragedy.

They are raffling away a 2009 Ford Focus. The drawing will be help on december 6, 2008, and ticket prices are just $10.00 per ticket. Only 2500 tickets are being sold, so you have a pretty good chance.

This is a local event, however, anyone may enter, please contact me for information. My mother is a member of the foundation running this event, so I would be able to sell as many tickets as you would like to buy.

Here is the website, www.phoenixfoundation.9f.com

I personally built this site, and it’s not very good or finished, but it is what it is.

Please help me support this cause, and get the word out to anyone who might be interested.


– Chris

PS, must be 18 to purchase tickets, winner need not be present.

For more information, contact me directly, or one of the foundation members at (760)247-2290 or (760)963-9500

Oh &

Hey to all
Of you who read my pointless blog. Can you guys give me some ideas about what i should change my header picture to?
And if you really feel like it, you could make me a cool one on photoshop 🙂
Something that has to do with golf and
Music 🙂

Thanks 🙂

Iphone app

Hey to all of you. This is a test of the newest app to grace my iPod touch 🙂
Should actually be posting meaningful things soon 🙂


Golf is a great sport.

I love playing golf, and talking about golf, and thinking about golf, and… well you get the idea.

adding a video here of me hitting a drive off the first tee at Apple Valley Country Club in Apple Valley, CA.

First hole is 403 yards, and I was in the middle of the fairway 101 yards from the center after 4 feet of roll :P.

probably the best drive i”ve ever hit 🙂


probably helped that I had a VERY pretty girl video my swing for me 🙂

New Theme

Let me know what you think.

Will be changing the picture, it’s kinda annnoying.