well well well…

So I actually still have a blog…

Is anyone listening?

Does anyone remember me?

Does anyone care that I’ve been gone for 3 or so years?


I’m dying to hear the answers to these questions…


Beta Testing Scam

So, I decided I’d help beta test some apps… Since I’m bored..

I wanted to beta test an app called “Subs” It supposedly lets you watch videos from your own youtube account from people you subscribe to…. So yeah, sounds cool right? So I apply to beta test and tonight I get this email….


“After careful consideration from the Geekologist Dev Team. We have decided to give you all an opportunity to get access to the beta version of the application.

Now considering that over 200 people have requested to try out this app we here at geekologist feel that it is only fair to let those who are genuinely willing to test and give feedback the opportunity to test this application.

With that being said we have decided to let anyone who donates 5 or more US dollars to the Geekologist Dev Team the opportunity to test this application. This donation will not only give you access to the beta version of the Subs app but also a voucher to get the official app for free in the app store.

To make a donation to the Geekologist Dev Team please visit the link below. You will be asked to enter your iBetaTest username during the paypal process so that we can verify who has donated and approve you to test Subs.

Link to Donate:

-Keaton Talyor


So yeah… I think that these people are ridiculous… missing the point of beta testing… they are trying to sell an app that hasn’t been fully developed, then I won’t be participating….(I can’t afford it)… πŸ˜›

I’m gonna throw this out there,Β Isn’t there other ways to “weed out” potential testers other than their willingness to pay to test something… can’t anyone pay for something? If I had $5 I would pay, JUST to say I was beta testing a cool new app πŸ˜›


I’m just saying.. Any Thought? πŸ˜€

Growing Up

I decided I need to blog some more about what’s goin’ down in the world of EnIgMa! Coming soon is a list of Enigma approved music. πŸ™‚

So today after I got off work, I went into a truck stop to get a soda. I walked out as a HUGE black dude rolled up in an older car just BLASTING his crappy rap music.

Unfortunantly he didn’t realise how offensive his music was to everyone else there.

So, me, being the ADULT I am, let him know how much I disliked his music by blasting some death metal in his direction. I then decided that was a bad idea and left rather hastily lol.

But it was FUNNY! That dude gave me the WORST look EVER.



Ok. So like I promised, here is the story.

Our course is member owned. The members vote on issues and such. This is primarily a retirement community. Not in one, but most of the members are retired or close.

Because of this, they were opposed to making the club semi-private. They thought they could get out of debt eventually by changing nothing.
They were SO wrong LOL.

2 years later the younger members took over. They got a club deep In debt. They decided something had to be done, so the dues were raised. About $100. That’s it… 100 members quit in protest. So in order to balance this out, the dues had to be raised again.

Eventually, the club was down to about 200 members and the dues were at 250% of what they were. Not even this helped :p

Eventually, the members voted to bring in a management company to take over. Unfortunantly the board still controlled the managment company. After 3 months of severe cuts and other annoying crap the decision was made to sell the club.
That’s it I think. πŸ™‚