Beta Testing Scam

So, I decided I’d help beta test some apps… Since I’m bored..

I wanted to beta test an app called “Subs” It supposedly lets you watch videos from your own youtube account from people you subscribe to…. So yeah, sounds cool right? So I apply to beta test and tonight I get this email….


“After careful consideration from the Geekologist Dev Team. We have decided to give you all an opportunity to get access to the beta version of the application.

Now considering that over 200 people have requested to try out this app we here at geekologist feel that it is only fair to let those who are genuinely willing to test and give feedback the opportunity to test this application.

With that being said we have decided to let anyone who donates 5 or more US dollars to the Geekologist Dev Team the opportunity to test this application. This donation will not only give you access to the beta version of the Subs app but also a voucher to get the official app for free in the app store.

To make a donation to the Geekologist Dev Team please visit the link below. You will be asked to enter your iBetaTest username during the paypal process so that we can verify who has donated and approve you to test Subs.

Link to Donate:

-Keaton Talyor


So yeah… I think that these people are ridiculous… missing the point of beta testing… they are trying to sell an app that hasn’t been fully developed, then I won’t be participating….(I can’t afford it)… πŸ˜›

I’m gonna throw this out there,Β Isn’t there other ways to “weed out” potential testers other than their willingness to pay to test something… can’t anyone pay for something? If I had $5 I would pay, JUST to say I was beta testing a cool new app πŸ˜›


I’m just saying.. Any Thought? πŸ˜€



  1. This is in no way a scam. It is just really to weed out who genuinely wants to help test this application. This post really hit me hard because of all the hard work and dedication I have put into the Subs app. So much so that I want to let you test subs without the donation in hopes that you will see that it is not a scam and that this application is not broken. If you could please just provide me with your iBetaTest username so that I can add you to the provision profile. All that I ask is after you see the functionality and usefulness of this app that you remove this post.

    Thank you,

    -Keaton Taylor

  2. Eh, a number of other companies have done the same thing with their betas. Sounds like a decent application. Guess we’ll see…

  3. I believe there are better ways to weed out applicants than charging $5 to beta test? I didn’t actually mean scam (As Indicated in my twitter post)

    I just didn’t know what to call it….

    Ummm I understand the dedication and hard work, I will delete this.

    You don’t have to give me beta access just to get this deleted….

    I also didn’t mean the app was broken, just that it’s not uhmm… (ready) yet… xD

    Sorry If this did offend you, please send me an email with anyother problems you have xD

  4. HAHAHAHAHHAHA…can someone say #desparateasasfuck #amazinglypitiful #stillwontbuythisappever #fail #epicFAIL #uberFAIL #hardcoreFAIL #yesiknowhashtagsarepointlesshear #hittingonyou

  5. Heh I just a little FYI I am not following you on twitter just yet πŸ˜› Just when you made this post you had pingbacks enabled. So when you submitted the post I got a message in my wordpress admin panel.

  6. that’s most amazing… I don’t even know what that is… xD

    I fail at blogging πŸ˜›

    HI TAY #randomness

    uhhhm… I will Edit the post, I don’t really feel like deleting it lol πŸ˜›

    Email me and tell me what you want removed, edited, ect. πŸ˜›

  7. I can understand why you do not want to delete it considering it has generated 80% of all the traffic your site will get this month in a single hour. Considering you are being humorous, what I have requested still stands. Test the application and if you find it useful remove this post.

  8. I have edited the post to remove any negative thoughts about your app.
    Sorry for the confusion

    “it’s not about being read! It’s about being WRITTEN!!!” Do you know what movie that is from? #omgmorerandomness

    I think it’s more than 80% of my traffic to the blog πŸ˜›

  9. Thanks for reporting this.

    While it is NOT illegal, I personally do NOT like this. I created the site so developers can get beta testers easily and make money by having their application debugged and perform to it’s peak once it is launched in the App store, NOT to extort the money from beta testers.

    If they were not genuinely interested to test beta apps they would not join in the first place.

    Will get this sorted out! A new clause is coming into the Terms of Service within 5 minutes!


    Petar Smilajkov
    CEO, Peconi Group, LLC Founder/Developer

  10. I contacted the developer and new terms of service now contain the following:

    “Developers also agree they will NOT ask for money from beta testers
    in order to accept them for beta testing their apps! Most beta testers
    here want to genuinely help developers make better apps and they should
    be paid / rewarded for their participation, NOT charged!
    This is why there is a 100 testers limit. Out of 100, you will
    always end up with a lot of quality beta testers, and those who do
    not contribute can easily be kicked out of the beta and replaced
    with others who do. NO EXTORTION WILL BE TOLERATED! ”

    I think this really makes sense. I know Keaton is nice guy, we chatted before via iBetaTest chat on the site, and in reality it is NOT his fault.

    The terms of service DID NOT include this clause before. Now they do and I am quite sure Keaton will comply.

    There’s over 2200 beta testers on the site now – there is no need to suspect any of them are there for anything other than helping developers make better apps.

    Sounds good everyone?

  11. I want to apologize, poor judgement on my part. All the testers that had donated have been refunded and a formal email will be sent out to ALL that have requested to test the application. The tinyurl link has been removed and a notice will be posted on I want to say again how truly sorry I am and beta testing will resume on a first come first serve basis.

    -Keaton Talyor

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