Non profits

Hmm non profit organizations. Everyone has a favorite and a reason. Maybe you are a part of one? Maybe you started one, or maybe you want to start one, but don’t know how.

Please comment on your favorite non profit organization, and give a link, quick description, and why you support it.
I’ll start.
Mine is The Phoenix Foundation. I think.
They help families struck by tragedy. One families father was killed in a freak archery accident. We support them with money and fellowship.

Two of my friends friends were brutally murdured. This foundation was started because of that tragedy and has grown to me a fairly large organiZation with high goals and morals.

I am the main tech guy for the organization. (if you can’t tell by the half finished web site lol.)
That’s why the site is a huge fail whale.

Please reply! Also add how someone could support your organization 🙂


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  1. My wife and are the co-founders of Screen Door Open Charity Golf, Inc a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization whose mission is to raise funds for junior golf programs offers the life skills taught in golf to boys and girls who otherwise could not afford to learn the game of a lifetime. The SDO was founded in 1998.
    Recently, the Board of Directors expanded the SDO’s vision to helping kids who are facing a dismal life for no reason other than they have no family to support them. The Help Us Help a Kid Program was developed to raise funds for families wanting to adult or be foster parents. The SDO hopes that these children will then be offered the opportunity to learn to play golf as part of their adjustment into the family lifestyle.
    The SDO is producing the Help Us Help a Kid Charity Golf Tournament to help raise funds for the adoption of Anya, a 15 year old girl from Ukraine. Here is more information on this year’s event.

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