Growing Up

I decided I need to blog some more about what’s goin’ down in the world of EnIgMa! Coming soon is a list of Enigma approved music. 🙂

So today after I got off work, I went into a truck stop to get a soda. I walked out as a HUGE black dude rolled up in an older car just BLASTING his crappy rap music.

Unfortunantly he didn’t realise how offensive his music was to everyone else there.

So, me, being the ADULT I am, let him know how much I disliked his music by blasting some death metal in his direction. I then decided that was a bad idea and left rather hastily lol.

But it was FUNNY! That dude gave me the WORST look EVER.



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  1. And this is just the beginning. You got 100 years to go to being an adult…what you will learn is you have to quit hanging out at the truckstop if you want to keep control of your life and to keep from getting your ass kicked…dude?!?!

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