Ok. So like I promised, here is the story.

Our course is member owned. The members vote on issues and such. This is primarily a retirement community. Not in one, but most of the members are retired or close.

Because of this, they were opposed to making the club semi-private. They thought they could get out of debt eventually by changing nothing.
They were SO wrong LOL.

2 years later the younger members took over. They got a club deep In debt. They decided something had to be done, so the dues were raised. About $100. That’s it… 100 members quit in protest. So in order to balance this out, the dues had to be raised again.

Eventually, the club was down to about 200 members and the dues were at 250% of what they were. Not even this helped :p

Eventually, the members voted to bring in a management company to take over. Unfortunantly the board still controlled the managment company. After 3 months of severe cuts and other annoying crap the decision was made to sell the club.
That’s it I think. đŸ™‚


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  1. This is unfortunate, but typical. The older membership more than likely let things go as far as maintenance or infrastructure issues so they would not have to spend the money to keep them up…probably due to some other project that a prominent member wanted done. Their attitude is…”we have paid our dues for a long time, I want this project done now and let the next generation pay their dues to have those more expensive project done.” How many times have I sat on a board to hear this attitude prevail? Too many times…
    So, in your case the next generation took controlled, probably HAD to make the repairs to get more of their generation to join….bit off more than they should and ran off the middle generation (who are nearing retirement) with the higher membership dues.. Am I getting close to reality here. Yes there were a large number of other things the young members could have done to raise the revenue….but they did not call me..lol.
    Let me jump forward to where this is going…the city is going to do a value study..that is guaranteed..has to be done to determine the budgeting of funds for the up keep. They will see that value on the land is more valuable than the infrastructure they are going to have to spend millions to repair. There will be a year or so of squabble over operations funds for the golf course depending on who is up for election and then when the new city government comes in, if they are not golfers, they will want to sell the land off, not the facility as it is,just the land to developers to build high occupancy dwelling so they can bring in more tax payers… This is happening all over the country and it only is stopped if the majority of people on the city council are golfers…
    The saving grace here is the current economy…the city is not going to get funds to finance the development or to make the change…so you will have a muni golf course there for awhile or until the plumbing and electrical stop working.. (sorry if this got rambling..)

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