Sandbaggers :s

Ok. This is too long for your average tweet.

A while ago, me and my father played in a match play tournament. We entered late so we were put in the last flight. (18+ handicaps). We were both playing to a 10.

We didn’t win one match :p. Better yet, neither one of us shot over 40. (9 hole matches) better yet, we didn’t even win these matches gross. Which sucked since we were giving them 10+ strokes on the 9 holes. A



oh yeah. I love Ebay. or is it eBay? ok that totally killed the mood.

but ebay is so cool. I found a seller where I can buy some of my favorite cds starting at a penny. they get up to about $3, but who really cares?

Currently I have the winning bid on 22 items.

these are the item #’s of the ones I’m most excited about. 🙂

110289277555 Signed poster from my favorite band

120305309787 Epiphone “gibson” Les Paul Jr.

170263016442 Gibson SG

200255554448 Tele’ 🙂

and… 190252940570 Slightly broken iPhone w/o contract


As I write this, someone outbid me on another one of my items. This is about when the competative juices start flowing, and I start cranking up the bidding untill I realize I don’t have that much money anyways 😛

Ebay with caution my friends, it’s not your friend. It will be nice untill you look away with 5 seconds left, then BAM! gone. and it’s over. you will never see it coming… take care.. and beware.. 🙂

Wow. I forgot to mention how exciting it is when u have the highest bid and think you are going to win. And how amazing it is when you lose with 1 second left. :p


While many of you know that I suck at guitar, you keep asking to see a video or hear music, and stuff like that.

So I made a video.

I was bored. I know I suck. But I was bored. To be honest, I just wanted to show off my guitars 🙂

here you go 🙂


Twitter. The coolest social networking site EVER. Take that facebook. And myspace.

The coolest thing about Twitter is it’s remarkable fluidity. You can post tweets from anywhere (with a proper texting plan)
It has all kinds of neat little tricks that are helpful and fun.
Twitterific is one of these. Neat app for the iPhone that allows you to easily keep in touch with your “tweeps”

A cool site for twitter would be
This neat site allows you to see where you rank among your peers. Apparently I’m cooler that 23% of all twitter users. And I want a recount…

Awesome.. Get yourself a Twitter profile today!
Then you can pretend you have real friends, just like I do 😉

Night all

Oh &

Hey to all
Of you who read my pointless blog. Can you guys give me some ideas about what i should change my header picture to?
And if you really feel like it, you could make me a cool one on photoshop 🙂
Something that has to do with golf and
Music 🙂

Thanks 🙂

Iphone app

Hey to all of you. This is a test of the newest app to grace my iPod touch 🙂
Should actually be posting meaningful things soon 🙂


Golf is a great sport.

I love playing golf, and talking about golf, and thinking about golf, and… well you get the idea.

adding a video here of me hitting a drive off the first tee at Apple Valley Country Club in Apple Valley, CA.

First hole is 403 yards, and I was in the middle of the fairway 101 yards from the center after 4 feet of roll :P.

probably the best drive i”ve ever hit 🙂

probably helped that I had a VERY pretty girl video my swing for me 🙂